I am an Information Scientist by degree with a wealth of experience in software design and development. And like most, I am much more than my latest job title. I bring more than technical skills to any project in which I am involved, I bring life skills: a focus on process and design, enthusiasm for collaboration and meeting deadlines, and a unique perspective and insight. I have the ability to make novel conceptual connections across domains that serves my projects well in a fast changing environment. I have a strong sense of OOP as well as data model and database design. And I bring that logical design sense to many other areas of life.

Explore some snippets in my selected project posts.

Technical Capabilities

Software and Web Application Development: Ruby on Rails (3yrs), Javascript (4yrs), jQuery, YUI, Apache Tomcat, Java(since its inception), C(10yrs), C++(5yrs), Unix networking, Linux, Win32, multi-threaded design, OpenGL, XML, python, project management, MySQL, Postgres. Familiar with agile design, programming and management techniques such as user story generation, test driven development, pair programming, extreme programming techniques in general and of course Scrum. Experience with various software development practices, design patterns, version control methods and systems, testing frameworks and IDE’s.

A/V/2D/3D: FinalCut Pro, Avid Media Composer, various pro cameras, stop-motion, time lapse, ProTools, desktop publishing – CS3, 3D: OpenGL, stereo environments, Maya, Softimage.

Domain Capabilities
I have worked in a variety of areas and have a varying degrees of experience in the following:

  • Online learning and education environments
  • Workflow, dataflow and lazy feedback execution systems
  • So-called agent-based systems
  • Computer graphics & visualization
  • Telecommunications
  • Parallel and distributed computing and visualization
  • Collaboration applications
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality displays and applications
  • Real-time video and 3D graphics
  • Medical informatics
  • AI, machine learning, automated and reinforcement text clustering.